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How Arsenic in Cigarette Smoke Hurts Your Health

How Arsenic in Cigarette Smoke Hurts Your Health Addiction Nicotine Use The Inside of Cigarettes Print How Arsenic in Cigarette Smoke Hurts Your Health By Terry Martin facebook twitter Terry Martin quit smoking after 26 years and is now an advocate for those seeking freedom from nicotine addiction. Learn about our editorial policy Terry Martin Medically reviewed by Medically reviewed by Sanja Jelic, MD on January 04, 2020 Sanja Jelic, MD, is board-certified in sleep medicine, critical care medicine, pulmonary disease, and internal medicine.   Learn about our Medical Review Board Sanja Jelic, MD on January 04, 2020 Yulia Reznikov / Moment / Getty Images More in Addiction Nicotine Use The Inside of Cigarettes After You Quit How to Quit Smoking Nicotine Withdrawal Smoking-Related Diseases Alcohol Use Addictive Behaviors Drug Use Coping and Recovery Arsenic is a naturally occurring, poisonous element found in the soil. Arsenic may be found alone as a metal, or more commonly as a metal-like compound. Organic arsenic is less toxic than inorganic arsenic, and accounts for most of the arsenic humans are exposed to, primarily through food and water. Inorganic arsenic is a byproduct of smelting metals and was used in the past in chemicals that pressure-treated wood for outdoor use, though this has been phased out in recent years. Organic Arsenic Organic arsenic is formed when arsenic combines with carbon and hydrogen. Inorganic Arsenic Inorganic arsenic occurs when arsenic combines with elements such as oxygen, chlorine, and sulfur. Can Arsenic Cause Cancer? The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified arsenic as being carcinogenic  (Group 1 classification) to humans. Inorganic arsenic has been linked to several cancers, including: Lung cancerSkin cancerBladder cancerLiver cancerKidney cancer Inorganic arsenic is also known to cause skin lesions, including hyperpigmentation. Common Sources of Arsenic Exposure Cigarette smoke:  Arsenic-containing pesticides used in tobacco farming remain in tobacco through processing into cigarettes and are present in small quantities in cigarette smoke.Food: The average American adult takes in 50 milligrams of arsenic each day, with 80 percent of it coming from meat, fish, and poultry. Some wines also contain noticeable levels of arsenic due to pesticides used in farming.Drinking water: Arsenic seeps into well water primarily via bedrock. Groundwater is sometimes contaminated by runoff from soil containing arsenic. Arsenic in Cigarette Smoke Inorganic arsenic is present in mainstream tobacco smoke and presumably in sidestream smoke as well. Depending on average particle size, inorganic arsenic has an estimated atmospheric lifetime of nine days. Indoor concentrations of inorganic arsenic can be much higher than outdoors and is a constituent of thirdhand smoke. According to a report from the California Air Resources Board and the Department of Health Services, smokers breathe in approximately 0.8 to 2.4 micrograms of inorganic arsenic per pack of 20 cigarettes, with approximately 40 percent of it being deposited in the respiratory tract.   Of that amount, 75-80 percent is absorbed by alveoli in the lungs, making the overall absorption of inhaled arsenic in cigarette smoke approximately 30 to 35 percent. Arsenic, along with a host of other toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke exposes smokers (and non-smokers) who breathe in secondhand smoke produced by a burning cigarette to cancer-causing agents and poisons. To date, researchers have identified more than  7,000 chemicals including 250 poisonous and 70 carcinogenic compounds in cigarette smoke. Harmful Chemicals Abound in Cigarettes and Cigarette Smoke If youre a smoker who wants to quit, education about what to expect when you stop smoking along with a support group of like-minded people will help you put smoking  permanently in the past.

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Reasons Of Failure Of Lehman Brothers Mortgage Company Finance Essay - Free Essay Example

The proposals broad-area-of-study is financial performance within Management accounting and strategy. The notion will examine the association/relationship among the works of intellectual-capital (structural-capital and human-capital) and financial and non-financial performance in financial service industry (intermediary) in developed-country within foreign branch/foreign establishment in international/multinational companies. The motivation behind this research is recognizing core elements/ variables to control/restrict/limit (for future organization) thus are most responsible to transfer crunch/ bankruptcy cause leapt of great depression/ recession to sustain and retain the advent of globalization. The roots of research are global financial crisis 2007 and 2008, has passed through various stages exposed pervasive weaknesses in global financial system and regulatory frame work in financial service industry which created negative impact/image of globalization and int ernational /multinational financial companies among public and within firms/country boundary. The specific/narrow focus of research is to choose one (single business such as mortgage loan or treasury)  []  of bankrupt international /multinational financial firm (such as Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and many more*) to analyze. Additionally the studys contribution to extract literature to resist, control and limit expansion/ further financial disaster for developed and developing countries in term of maintaining respected economy of country. Research questions and aim of study The aim of study is to explore and examine of intellectual capital and performance quality/measurement such as financial and non-financial in bankrupt financial service company (i.e Lehman) though they seek out a reliable relationship in business performance, that tend to expose the pervasive weakness in this financial system and regulatory frame work. Additionally find how to rescue strong foreign branches from catastrophe to limit financial crisis with countrys boundary to prolong and save the allure/benefits of globalization for to maintain confidence of future potential investor and financial corporations. The research questions that the study would explore are; Was the Lehman strategy effective to carry business? If so, what was the blunder/ritual they made/feel by intellectual capital to gain more profit? Was a Lehman Brothers evaluating its intellectual capital? If so, how can they do it? Was there flaw to continue? If not, can a model for evaluating intellectual capital be developed? Was there an optimal mix of intellectual capital components? Were they evaluating their financial performance? If so, how? What factors contribute to performance? Is there relationship between the components of intellectual capital and financial performance in Lehmen Brothers? How might the current methods of measuring intellectual capital and business p erformance be improved? Does culture impact on measuring intellectual capital and management? Can we limit the financial crisis within countrys boundary to rescue foreign branch/establishment? If so, what are variable to restrict to limit crisis? Background and motivation Some of the formal/Official economic data presented that extensive number of nations bearing recession as of early 2009. First of all US had suffered recession at the end of 2007, and 2008 and many other nations swallow the effect  [1]  . United States recession: In the United States recession notably throw by housing market correction (a potential effect of United States housing bubble) and subprime mortgage crisis. According to 2008/2009 recession is considering personal spending fall for the first time in last 20 years. It specifies the intensity and harshness of the current recession as shown lower consumer confidence and recovery acquire in long period of time. U.S. population has been tough knock by the current recession because of two reasons 01. Value of houses was falling and 02. Personal pension-savings devastate on the financial market. The individuals were helpless gazed at their wealth being furrowed along with scare of losing jobs as marked by rise in unemployment rate  [2]  . In the U.S. February 2008, 63,000 jobs discarded  [3]  in five years. On April 6, 2008 Alan Greenspan, Ex-chairman of Federal Reserve indicated 50% probability of US suffer recession  [4]  . Furthermore The Bureau of Economic Analysis also accounted more 156,000 jobs had been vanished in September. On April 29, 2008, Moodys acclaimed that nine US states are in recession. In November 2008 company eradicate 533,000 jobs, the largest single month hammering in 34 years  [5]  . As to accumulate the loss for 2008, a projected 2.6 million U.S. jobs were abolished  [6]  . In March 2009 the unemployment rate of US rise to 8.5 percent, and 5.1 million people become job less since the recession commenced in December 2007  [7]  . Some analysts acknowledged that due to a prolonged credit crisis and wild inflation in supplies such as oil, food and steel, the United States was however in a recession  [8]  . Also showed 6.4% cry off decline in spending all through Q3  [1]  on non-durable commodities, i.e. garments and foodstuff, this is biggest hit since 1950  [9]  . The United Stated had been suffering from a recession (once economy boomed), depend on a number of economic indicators such as job sufferers, sharp turn down in personal income, and drop in real GDP  [10]  . With the formal acclamation of The National Bureau of Economic Research and Most of economists assumed that the recession have ended  [11]  . But they had not made this official determination until July 2003 that the NBER publicize its official determination. Effect over world: The United States financial crisis has resounded around the globe. The crisis not only weakened the US national economy but also spoiling around the world  [12]  i.e fall of stock price can been observed globally  [13]  . The various media highlighted effects over other countries economy i.e New Delhi news pointed towards the effect over India, China, and Russia  [14]  . The making US  [15]  responsible for China, Mexico, France, Britain, South Korea, Germany, Beijing and Japan. In Australia, share holders and superannuation funds have suffered significant losses. Many ordinary Australians will be forced to bear the brunt of the US crisis via diminished retirement income and being forced to work beyond their planned retirement age  [16]  . An other Literature referring ten countries suffering by United States financial crisis: including  [17]  China, Brazil; Latin American, Romania, Thailand, North Korea, Iran, Malaysia, Morocco and The United Arab Emirates for various reasons but all they one thing common is connectivity of Business and business market. Fall of Lehman Brothers The fall down of the Lehman Brothers is one of the most unpredictable and adverse consequences of the global financial crisis. When on 15 September 2008, the company submitted for relief under Bankruptcy Code (Chapter 11). The journey of 158 years comes to end, started from Two cotton brokers in Montgomery, Ala established the bank in 1850, then steadily developed and after civil war Lehman banks headquarters shifted to New York City with a new name Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and gripe over the globe facilitating regional headquarters mainly in Tokyo and London. In the life of 158 years, the Lehman Holdings Inc. provided quality services in financial market in different sectors investment, private banking, equity, research, fixed-income sales, management and private equity. It was the fourth largest US investment bank with a record of over 158 years and a perennial credit rating of A or above . Every body shocked when they heard such news a bank of these standings collapsed overnight, taking with it the loss of the market liquidity. On September 15, 2008 Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc. including Lehman Holdings and its subsidiaries commence Chapter 11 bankruptcy at US Court of Southern District New York with the loss of roughly $768 billion and assets worth around $639 billion, become biggest bankruptcy in US history  [18]  . The unexpected fall down of the Lehman Brothers has originated not only suffering among local and global investors, but also created extensive anxiety in the general public particularly regarding confidence over financial investments and its aggravates the public how to anticipated length of life regarding future investments. Condition of foreign subsidiary/branches/establishment Sixteen Distributing Banks of Lehman Brothers Minibonds announce that they are offering investors a scheme for the repurchase of Minibonds  [19]  . Th e bankruptcy of Lehman wounded its foreign subsidiaries such as UKs subsidiary with the PricewaterhouseCoopers, Lehman Brothers International (Europe), Lehman Holdings principal European broker-dealer. Moreover, two Japanese subsidiaries of Lehman Holdings submitted bankruptcy in District Court of Tokyo for  ¥4 trillion ($38 billion) in mutual liabilities, this is considered as the countrys second-largest crumple since World War II  [20]  . For that reason the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Japans Financial Services Agency have ordered Lehman to postpone its Japanese operations and the firm will only be allowed to deal to accomplish existing contracts and to convalesce client assets. Further, Lehman has ended to trade on the Hong Kong Securities Exchange and the Hong Kong Futures Exchange until further notice. It is also created a tragedy in UK Lehman employees about 5000 were jobless. Such conditions created throbbing and impious ambiance for public in terms of creating anxiety, unemployment, inflation that can cause obstacle in way of life. Methodology The literature can be identified a variety of research methodologies that are used (interview, questionnaire, survey of annual reports, focus groups) to evaluate intellectual capital. Interviews and questionnaires were often used to supplement each other. Given this background I projected to use a triangulated approach drawing on qualitative and quantitative research methods. The ultimate objective could be a qualitative score or index that can be manipulated, however the process of building the index would require that components of intellectual capital be measured and valued and this is often a highly subjective exercise requiring input from several diverse perspectives. The steps that would be taken would include a series of qualitative interviews to identify the components of intellectual capital that are applicable to financial firm. Using the information provided from the int erviews together with indicators develop a set of constructs that would be incorporated into a questionnaire using a point scale. This questionnaire that would be used to evaluate intellectual capital would consist of statements that intend to operationally and reflect the constructs mentioned. In addition, these statements would be weighted according to their importance and relevance for optimizing the value creating activities in the financial corporations. This questionnaire would be piloted, refined and administered. The data would be recoded to reflect scores and indices using some form of weighting according to their relative importance. The proposed indices would be presented to a range of stakeholders for comments and refinement. Data from the Lehman Brothers on organizational performance both financial and operational would be collected. The data on performance measures would be cross-referenced to data from a number of financial agencies for establishing benchmarks. Also, data collected from a strong/healthy foreign branch/establishment to find out indifferent structural framework, policy if they do carried to way-out to rescue future occurrence. Purpose of Study is qualitative and quantitative falling in both categories exploratory and descriptive study because some issue like intellectual-capital-relationship in financial firms has no available information on how similar problems or research issue had been solved in the past? and also descriptive nature because of quantitative data measurement i.e. financial-business-performance. Type of Investigation this is co-relational study because multiple factors that influence one and other the problem in a chainlike fashion. Therefore it is require identifying crucial factors, which are associated with the problem. Study Setting as described above the study is co-relational therefore study can be done in natural environment where the works precede normally as field study so this is non-contr ived setting. The concern is that our unit of analysis is no more exist and had bankrupt. Unit of analysis refer to the level of aggregation of the data collected during the subsequent data analysis stage. The research main unit of analysis is organization (such as to examine organizational performance as a whole), Secondly the individual (to analyze intellectual capital) and minor the group the division (to cope with cultural and foreign branches/establishment). Time Horizon of our research is can be cross-sectional in determining performance perspectives, and longitudinal in subject of studying people behavior. Conclusion The contribution that this research should make to extract literature to resist, control and limit expansion/ further financial disaster for developed and developing countries in term of maintaining respected economy of their country and way-out to rescue strong foreign branches from catastrophe to limit financial crisis with countrys boundary to prolong and save the allure/benefits of globalization for to maintain confidence of future potential investor and financial corporations. Additionally, this research finding should also assist them in their recruiting of personnel, acquisition of fixed assets and deployment of other resources to ensure that they are competitive and ensure secure ways to do business. This research should also contribute to the extant literature by providing a model for evaluating intellectual capital in the financial industry as well as on the appropriate mix of people, technology and physical assets in the organisation.

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Increase Motivation for Reading through Choice

When the headlines report  that  the overall average reading score of 8th students in 2015 declined in comparison to the previous assessment in 2013, there was a chorus of educators who  most likely responded: But...they just dont want to read! The report released by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is considered a benchmark on the academic progress of an estimated  60 million secondary students  attending private and public middle and high schools in the United States. The most recent statistics on these students indicate that there is a significant drop in reading proficiency levels in grades 7-12. For example, only 34 percent of 8th graders (2015) scored at or above proficient levels on the, the largest nationally representative and continuing assessment. This NAEP data also shows a disturbing trend, with reading scores of eighth graders across demographic groups declining from 2013 to 2015. The report confirms what secondary teachers have been saying anecdotally, that  both high and low achieving students are often unmotivated to read. This lack of motivation has been also explored as a cultural problem in David Denbys New Yorker article, Do Teens Read Seriously Anymore?  and illustrated in an  infographic created by Common Sense Media  (2014) titled  Children, Teens and Reading. Perhaps it is no surprise to researchers that the decline in reading proficiency coincides with a decline with student autonomy or choice in reading materials. That decline in choice is created by an increase in teacher control of reading materials at the higher grade levels.   They  Were Once Readers   In the elementary grades, students are given the opportunity to develop a sense of autonomy in reading choice; they are allowed and encouraged to independently select books to read. There is explicit instruction in making good choices in lessons that explain how to judge a   just right book using questions such as: Are there more than five words on a page you don’t know?Are you confused about what is happening in most of this book? This autonomy contributes to the growth of a reader. According to J.T.  Guthrie, et al, in the research brief Reading Motivation and Reading Comprehension Growth in the Later Elementary Years, (2007)  published in  Contemporary Educational Psychology: Children who valued choosing their own books subsequently developed elaborate strategies for selecting books and reported being more intrinsically motivated readers. By giving their students a choice of reading materials in the early grades, elementary teachers increase academic independence and motivation.   However, in most school systems, a students choice of reading material lessens as he or she moves up to the middle and high school grades. Assessment and Standards are Factors By the time a student moves into the middle grades, the  emphasis is on on discipline specific reading materials, as seen in the recommendation by the English Language Arts (ELA) Common Core State Standards in  Literacy  (Key Design Considerations) . This recommendation has resulted in an increase in the reading percentage of nonfiction or informational texts in all disciplines, not just ELA: By grade 8, reading materials should be 45% literary fiction and 55% informational texts;By the time students graduate, reading materials should be 30% literary fiction and 70% informational texts.   These same education researchers,  Guthrie et al, have also published an e-book (2012)  Motivation, achievement, and Classroom Contexts for Information Book Reading, to  document their pursuit of what motivates students to read and what classroom contexts best promote motivation. They note in their e-book that because schools are seeing an increase in educational accountability at different levels and there are a variety of  reading materials are assigned in all subject areas so that teachers can take formal and frequent evaluations of their students. Much of this reading material used for accountability, however, is dull: Middle school students overwhelmingly describe the information texts they read in science classes as boring, irrelevant, and difficult to understand—hardly a recipe for positive motivation to read this material. The researchers who argue for student autonomy agree that  student interest in reading independently (for fun) diminishes  when teachers overly control reading topics or materials. This is especially true for low achieving students. Researcher  Carol Gordon noted  that for this population of adolescents, student attitude is another factor. She explains: Since low-achievers typically do not read voluntarily outside of school, most of their reading is mandated. These students express anger and defiance, as indicated by survey data. In many cases, low achievers don’t really hate to read—they hate to be told what to read. Paradoxically, low-achieving students are the population that would benefit the most from an increase in voluntary reading. To counter the recent drops in reading proficiency, educators need to stop telling students, high and low-achieving, what to read so that students can develop develop ownership over their reading choices. Choice Motivates Students to Read One of the best ways to move beyond assigning all reading is for teachers to provide time in the academic day for voluntary reading of texts for extended periods of time. There may be objections to the use of already dedicated academic time, but the research indicates that time spent reading in school improves academic performance. This is true even for the light or fun reading of young adult literature.  Gordon explains that the  practice of free voluntary reading is not only conducive to reading motivation, [but] it actually works better than direct instruction. She cites Stephen Krashens work (2004) with 54 students, with 51 of those students who scored higher on reading tests than similar students given traditional skill-based reading instruction. Another compelling  argument for providing time in the school day to reading practice is the comparison  to the practice necessary one needs to do in order to become proficient at a sport; the increased number of practice hours increases performance. Even 10 minutes a day of reading can have dramatic effects by simply exposing students to multiple texts text. Researcher  M.J. Adams (2006)developed a data breakdown that illustrates how ten minutes of daily book reading in middle school will increase a student’s exposure to print by about 700,000 words each year. This exposure surpasses the amount of reading currently done by the same grade level students who are performing at the 70th percentile.   To facilitate student voluntary reading, students need access to reading materials that allow for their choice of reading materials. Independent reading libraries in classrooms can help students generate a sense of agency. Students can discover and share authors, explore topics in the  genres that appeal to them, and improve their reading habits. Create Independent Classroom Libraries   The publisher Scholastic produced a report, Kids Family Reading Report (5th edition, 2014) As a publisher of children and young adult literature, Scholastic has a vested interest in increasing the number of readers across the country. In their research based on student polling, they found that in populations aged 12-17,  78% of frequent readers who read books for fun 5-7 times per week are provided time and choice in contrast to the 24% of the infrequent readers who are not provided time or choice. Scholastic also noted that choice for adolescents requires easy access to a wide range of interesting texts. One of their recommendations was that school districts must begin to put money into texts and   allocate funds for high-interest books. They recommend that independent reading libraries should be developed with student input as the critical resource for increasing reading proficiency. Another proponent for independent reading is   Penny Kittle,  an  English teacher and literacy coach at Kennett High School in North Conway, New Hampshire. She has written  Book Love.  a popular guide to helping secondary students read independently. In this guide,  Kittle offers strategies to help teachers, particularly English Language Arts teachers, to increase the volume of what students read and to deepen student thinking about what they read. She offers advice on how to build up those classroom libraries including  grant writing   or applications to  Donor’s Choose  or  The Book Love Foundation. Asking for multiple copies of texts from book clubs and going to warehouse, garage, and library sales are also great ways to grow the classroom libraries. Developing a good relationship with the school library is also important, and students should be encourages to recommend texts for purchase. Finally, teachers can look for the numerous options available wi th e-texts. Choice: A  Desired Option The research concludes that there are millions of students who do not have the rudimentary reading skills that are needed to locate relevant information or make simple inferences. Without the necessary literacy skills for college or career, students may be retained in school or drop out of high school.   The consequences for underdeveloped literacy to the student and to the economic welfare of the country can mean the collective loss of billions of dollars in wages and earnings over a lifetime. Secondary educators need to guide students to associate reading with enjoyment and a worthwhile activity by offering choice. This association can result in making reading a desired option; to make students want to read. The benefits of allowing and encouraging students to make choices about reading will last beyond   school careers and throughout their lives.

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Fire Science Fair Project Ideas

Are you looking for a science fair project that involves fire or combustion? Here are some ideas for fire projects to get you brainstorming. Visual Experiments What chemicals burn in different colors?What substances can mask the colors of flames?How does diminishing oxygen affect the appearance of a flame? Material Experiments Which type of oil produces the least soot when it burns? You can collect soot (carbon black) by burning in a container and wiping it down between tests or by examining a filter paper (or coffee filter) placed in with the test oil.Does it matter what type of wax is used to make a candle?Can you construct candles using liquid oils or other fuels besides wax? Environmental Experiments Analyze whether burning trash is a good alternative to landfills.Examine the effects of flame retardant chemicals on growing plants or on animals, such as insects or aquarium fish.Which common materials (for example: paper, foam, cloth, vinyl) produce the worst smoke/air pollution when burned?Examine how controlled burning is used for forests and parks.Examine the effects of ash on soil composition.

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Why has Childhood Obesity Become a Paramount Problem in...

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, â€Å"Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and tripled in adolescents in the past 30 years,† (â€Å"Childhood Obesity Facts†). The monumental question that researchers seem to be asking is why the increase now? Childhood obesity has become a paramount problem in the United States in recent years due to various social, biological and technological factors that ultimately requires immediate assistance in order to promote a healthier lifestyle for children as they transition into adulthood. It is a common misconception to interchangeably use the terms ‘obesity’ and ‘overweight’ when in actuality, there is a stark difference between the two. Barbara Bresnahan, doctor from†¦show more content†¦Through the easy accessibility of technology, the media is able to have a detrimental effect on the young people in America. According to Tiffany Rush- Wilson, Skills Develo pment Coordinator of Counseling Programs at Walden University, the media places a greater emphasis on having the perfect body and looking thin in today’s society. This in turn causes obese children to feel negative about themselves which leads them to eat even more (Rush-Wilson 3). Technological advances have also promoted laziness through gaming systems like the Xbox. The glorification of sitting on a sofa firing pixelated guns at pixelated soldiers has been added to the list of hobbies enjoyed by children in the twenty first century. The television has also been linked to childhood obesity. Tom Robinson from the Division of General Pediatrics and Stanford Center for Research in Disease Prevention uses an experiment to show the positive correlation between the two factors: Finally, one school-based, experimental study was designed specifically to test directly the causal relationship between television viewing behaviors and body fatness. The results of this randomized, controlled trial provide evidence that television viewing is a cause of increased body fatness and that reducing television viewing is a promising strategy for preventing childhood obesity. The growing of the fast food industry since the creation of the first McDonald’s in the fifties hasShow MoreRelatedChildhood Obesity : A Condition That Affects Children3024 Words   |  13 PagesChildhood obesity is a condition that affects children in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the rates of obesity in children have more than doubled in children in the past 30 years. There was increase of 18% from 1980 to 2012 in children 6 to 11 years of age, estimating that more than one third of children are overweight or obese. (Childhood Obesit y Facts, 2014) Obesity usually begins in children during the ages of 5 and 6. The most troublesomeRead MoreEssay on The Effects of Obesity1920 Words   |  8 PagesObesity is a well documented problem in the United States. Every year, billions of dollars are spent on this epidemic and the plethora of diseases and issues it causes. This has been shown to be a problem at the state as well as the national level. In order to better understand the impact it has, we will discuss the issue of obesity as a whole, the problems associated with this disease, the costs of those problems, as well as possible solutions to this growing problem in our country. ForRead MoreObesity : The Condition Of Being Grossly Fat Or Overweight2264 Words   |  10 PagesObesity: the condition of being grossly fat or overweight. I know.. One word: HARSH. How many times a day do you see an over weight or obese person walk right past your eyes? How often do you see a really overweight person actually doing something about it as in trying to overcome it? Scientifically speaking, the BMI (Body Mass Index) of an overweight person starts at 25, once you’ve reached 30, you are considered obese. More than twenty-five million of adults are diagnosed with diabetes, while otherRead MoreChanging the Images of Artilces2457 Words   |  10 Pagesimplications? The premise of the article, â€Å"Changing images of violence in rap music lyrics: 1979-1997† is that from 1979-1997, there has been a drastic increase in the level of violence in rap music that is being viewed in a more progressively positive light. As a result, social conditions must change in order to reduce youth violence. The results indicate that there has been a dramatic and sustained increase in the level of violence in rap music. The percentage of songs mentioning violence increasedRead MoreGeneration Z: Fast and Furious Essay1247 Words   |  5 Pagesdecisions and are very spontaneous. Also, this stable environment means that sometimes Gen-Zers become bored due to the lack of thrill and adrenaline their surroundings provide. This is where the stereotypical ‘thrill-seeking’ trait comes from. Finally, the most infamous of all Generation Z characteristics is their rudeness and lack of respect. We live in a time where the important concept of equality is p aramount due to the lack-of in history. This idea of equality is harnessed by those in Generation ZRead MoreChildhood Asthma: Developing New Therapies Essay4251 Words   |  18 PagesAsthma is the leading cause of hospital admissions during childhood. Kumar and Robbins give an accurate definition of asthma as â€Å"a chronic inflammatory disorder of the airways that causes recurrent episodes of wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness, and cough, particularly at night and/or early in the morning† (489). Asthma is a terrifying disease, especially in children, because of the sudden attacks that could claim lives if not treated immediately and effectively. Despite recent advancementsRead MoreThe Effects of Advertising on Children33281 Words   |  134 Pages............................................................................................................. 7 Gendered, racial and cultural portrayals .................................................................. ..................... 8 The state and perspective of knowledge ....................................................................................... 8 INTRODUCTION ..................................................................................................................Read MoreHealth Promotion Is A Process Of Empowerment3669 Words   |  15 Pagesabout health. He proposes that understanding why people behave in a certain way when it comes to their health and lifestyle choices can ultimately influence the way in which health promotion interventions are coordinated, designed, communicated and implemented by the health professionals as they work towards health improvement. Tones and Green 3(2004) agree that a definition of health can provide a firm premise for practice in promoting health and has implications for theory, practice policy andRead MoreEngineering Ethics in Practice: a Guide for Engineers18096 Words   |  73 PagesEngineering ethics in practice survey This guide is addressed to the professional engineering community. The United Kingdom Standard for Professional Engineering Competence1, published by the Enginee ring Council, deï ¬ nes three types of engineering professional – Chartered Engineer (CEng), Incorporated Engineer (IEng) and Engineering Technician (EngTech). While their roles and responsibilities diï ¬â‚¬er, each has to demonstrate a commitment to professional and ethical standards. This guide aims to support membersRead MorePublic Health Paper12265 Words   |  50 Pageshealth over the past two centuries has been broken down into four major regimes and linked to mechanisms for social control by Armstrong (1993): 1) Quarantine – inclusion or exclusion and dominant up until mid 19th century, 2) Sanitary science – regulating the movement between different spaces environmental, 3) Interpersonal hygiene psychosocial attitudes and behaviours, 4) New public health (social and environmental patterns from the 1970’s). Armstrong states that ‘new public health’ differs

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Tobacco Smoke And Its Effects On Health - 1406 Words

Tobacco smoke is immensely harmful to one’s health. Cigarettes contain about 600 ingredients, when this burned can generate 7,000 chemicals according to American Lung Association Many ad campaigns and literatures have been published on the detriments of smoking. Medical reports further shows that half of all long-term smokers will die from a smoking-related disease. This unhealthy practice must be addressed by the government to lessen the medical cost to treat the ill effects of smoking. Despite all available data available on smoking’s ill effects government has little success in reducing incidence of smoking. The New Zealand Government is currently addressing a smoking problem in the country. The government adopted the Smoke-free 2025 goal for New Zealand, in March 2011. This response was based on the recommendations of a landmark Parliamentary inquiry by the Maori Affairs select committee. The committee’s report was clear that the term ‘smoke-free’ was intended to communicate an aspirational goal and not a commitment to the banning of smoking altogether by 2025. On that basis, the Government agreed with â€Å"the goal of reducing smoking prevalence and tobacco availability to minimal levels, thereby making New Zealand essentially a smoke-free nation by 2025†. (Health, 2014). It is important to have consistent information to help to monitor the progress toward this goal. The smoke free campaign in New Zealand for a smoke free 2025 is now on its fourth year. This healthShow MoreRelatedThe Harmful Effects Of Smoking Tobacco1547 Words   |  7 Pages The Harmful Effects of Smoking Tobacco My purpose for writing this paper is to educate the reader of the harms and effects done onto a person from smoking Tobacco and persuade anyone thinking about or attempting to smoke Tobacco to consider the following for your own benefit. I will cover most harmful effects Tobacco has on not only the person using it but also the people around them. I will also show both sides of the argument with both the pros and the cons of smoking Tobacco as well as provideRead MoreTobacco and Cigarette Smoking1030 Words   |  5 Pagesevery six seconds due to a tobacco related disease, which results in a shocking amount of ten deaths per minute. Tobacco is one of the most heavily used addictive products in the United States. Tobacco contains over 4,000 chemicals; approximately 250 are dangerously harmful to humans. Smoking is a major public health problem. All smokers face an increased risk of lung cancer, cardiovascular problems and many other disorders. Smoking should be banned due to the many health risks to the user, secondRead MoreEffects of Tobacco Use1283 Words   |  5 PagesTobacco use harms everything. Numerous factors of tobacco use play into the destruction of a human health and body. Sadly, 19 percent of all adults in the United States use tobacco on a daily basis. Countless numbers of people currently in use of tobacco products attempt to quit their use of tobacco, but many fall short of their goal due to the addictive nicotine within cigarettes. This nonstop use of tobacco has been the result of more than 440,000 deaths per year of smokers with an estimated 49Read MoreSmoking Tobacco Is The Leading Cause Of Death Worldwide880 Words   |  4 Pagesorgans and arteries. People that smoke are often at a greater risk of having heart related and respiratory issues than nonsmokers. Tobacco products such as, snuff and chewing tobacco also contribute to similar health issues and risk. The idea of banning smoking and tobacco products is great because it could preve nt millions of deaths yearly. There are many different negative side effects that come along with the use and smoking of tobacco. Smoking tobacco is often referred to as a â€Å"slowRead MoreInformative Speech : Effects Of Smoking816 Words   |  4 Pages Informative Speech Title: Effects of Smoking Speaker: Kevon Jones, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University student Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience to avoid smoking Thesis Statement: Smoking has many dangerous effects on a smoker s health and the health of those around them; it harms every organ in the body and leads to premature death. Introduction I. Attention getter: According to Tobacco-Free Kids, â€Å"about 400,000 people die from their own smokingRead MoreSmoking Cessation in New Zealand1626 Words   |  6 Pageseverybody to learn about the harmful impact of smoking on health. Along with this, there are three key goals of tobacco control exercises: To lessen the use of smoking, to discontinue smoking, diminishing introduction to a second-hand smoker. In this presentation I will discuss different strategies that are identified to stop smoking, for example, strategies to stop routine use of smoking in New Zealand, the viability of these strategies, health related dangers of smoking, the benefits of stopping smokingRead MoreSaving Lives By Illegalizing Tobacco1465 Words   |  6 PagesIllegalizing Tobacco As soon as the door opens to any store, most of the time there will be a tobacco related product nearby. In today’s society there is controversy on whether drugs should be sold to the public, but most of these controversies do not involve tobacco related products. Tobacco products are widely used, but these tobacco are not safe. Cigarettes and other tobacco products should be illegal because tobacco is composed of many harmful chemicals. Anybody who comes in contact with a tobacco substanceRead MoreSecond-Hand Smoke1726 Words   |  7 PagesThe Effects of Second-Hand Smoke Imagine yourself sitting down to dinner at a restaurant. You are sitting down trying to enjoy your dinner when all you can smell is smoke. Not only are you just breathing in the smoke, it is also damaging your body at the same time. Or imagine yourself at your work place, whether it be a restaurant or office, and you are forced to breathe in second-hand smoke the entire time you are there. In this paper you will be informed of the harmful effects of second-handRead MoreThe Effects of Tobacco on the Human Body788 Words   |  3 Pages Tobacco use can be linked to many cancers such as lung, throat, mouth, nasal cavity, stomach, pancreatic, kidney, and bladder. Other problems that can be linked to are strokes, heart disease, and bronchitis. In addition, one of the problems after smoking is the inability to become pregnant. Tobacco use kills victims. (Health Effects) Tobacco is addictive and it is hard to quit. Tobacco has more than 4,000 chemicals in it. Fifty of these cause many types of cancers. Using Tobacco and being pregnantRead MoreTobacco Industry : Make Tobacco Products Illegal1009 Words   |  5 Pages Make Tobacco Products Illegal Ellen Gossett Trevecca Nazarene University Abstract It can be argued that tobacco products are one of the deadliest legal drugs in the history of mankind. Most of the countries around the world are making progress to ban the sale of tobacco products and reduce smoking. Over the years, there has been a steady decline in global tobacco use; however, their needs to be steeper taxation on tobacco products, bans on smoking advertisements, incentives towards reduced

Storm Born Chapter Twelve Free Essays

I finally worked up the courage to see my mom and Roland a few days later. Tim had left for the day, but he’d apparently baked this morning. A plate of almond poppy seed muffins sat on the kitchen table, and I grabbed two for the road. We will write a custom essay sample on Storm Born Chapter Twelve or any similar topic only for you Order Now My ability to think clearly had improved with some rest, but my anger and pain hadn’t really faded. I still felt betrayed and not just by Wil. If anything, I could forgive him more easily than anyone else. He had not fostered a years-long secret. His actions had been open and desperate. They had not been so insidious as Kiyo’s, my mom’s, and Roland’s. When I arrived at the house, I didn’t bother knocking. The front door was open, and I pushed inside, slamming it loudly behind me. â€Å"Genie?† I heard my mom call. â€Å"Is that you?† I walked across the wood floor, my shoes echoing in the foyer. Mom and Roland sat at the kitchen table, eating lunch. Bread and cold cuts were laid out, along with assorted condiments. It looked so normal. So peaceful and innocent. My mom half-rose when she saw me. â€Å"Thank God you’re back safe. I’ve been so – what’s the matter?† I loved these people so much, but seeing them increased my fury, maybe because I did love them so much. For a moment, I couldn’t get the words out. I just stared at them, looking from face to face. â€Å"Eugenie?† she asked tentatively. â€Å"Who’s my father?† I demanded of her. â€Å"Was I born in the Otherworld?† I saw her go pale, her dark eyes widening in fear. In an instant, Roland was up beside her. â€Å"Eugenie, listen – † The look on his face spoke legions. â€Å"Jesus. It really is true.† I saw him open his mouth to protest, but then he thought better of it. â€Å"How did you find out?† Honesty, at least. â€Å"It’s all over the Otherworld. Everyone knows. I’m apparently next in line for world domination.† â€Å"That’s not true,† he said. â€Å"Forget about it. You aren’t like them.† â€Å"But I am one of them, right? At least half?† â€Å"By blood only. Everything else†¦well, for all intents and purposes, you’re human. You have nothing to do with them.† â€Å"Except killing and banishing them. How could you set me up for that†¦if I’m†¦?† One of them, I wanted to finish. But I couldn’t get the words out. â€Å"Because you have a talent for it. One we need. You know what they can do.† â€Å"Yes. And you’ve made sure I do, telling me all the horror stories growing up. But there’s a hell of a lot more than that. They’re weird, yes, but not all evil.† My mother suddenly joined the conversation, eyes wild and frantic. â€Å"Yes! They are! You don’t know what you’re talking about. When did you have this revelation? A day ago? A week ago? I lived with them for three years, Eugenie. Three years.† Her voice dropped to a whisper. â€Å"Three years, and I never once encountered a decent one. No one who would help me. No one who would keep me from Tirigan.† â€Å"Who?† â€Å"Storm King,† said Roland. â€Å"That’s his name. Was his name.† â€Å"They say you saved her from him.† He nodded. â€Å"I was there chasing down a kelpie when I heard rumors of a captured human woman. I went to investigate and found her and you. You were a baby. I slipped you both out of there and hid you.† â€Å"But Dorian†¦someone I met†¦said Storm King came looking for us.† â€Å"He did. And he found you.† I frowned. From what Dorian had said, I should have been a young teenager then. â€Å"I don’t remember that.† Roland nodded again. â€Å"Once close enough, he could reach out and call to you. He summoned you to him. By the time I tracked you down, you were out in the desert, very near a crossroads. You’d walked miles to get to him.† â€Å"I don’t remember that,† I repeated. In some ways, what Roland told me now was crazier than what I’d learned at Aeson’s. â€Å"His magic spoke to yours. He wanted to take you back with him, and you fought against him. You were struck by lightning in the process.† â€Å"Wait, I know I’d remember that.† â€Å"No. I hypnotized you and repressed it. I killed him, but your magic had still been awakened. After seeing what I’d seen, I was afraid you couldn’t control it – that it would control you instead.† â€Å"I don’t have any magic. Not gentry magic anyway.† â€Å"Not that you know of. It’s hidden away. I made you forget. After that, I started teaching you the craft in the hope of protecting you. I didn’t know if others would follow him or if someone else could reawaken you or summon you. I needed to give you the tools you’d need for defense.† He suddenly looked tired. â€Å"I never realized how well you’d take to them.† I felt as tired as he looked, despite all the sleep. I pulled up one of the chairs and sat; they continued to stand. So I had met Storm King. I had answered his summons. And I had been struck by lightning? That was interesting, because in a lot of cultures, shamans are called to their art through some traumatic event. Lightning strikes are actually common ones. Many of the local Indian shamans – already skeptical of the plethora of New Age white shamans – did not consider me authentic since I’d had no such profound initiation. Turns out I had. Score one for me. â€Å"You made me forget. You got inside my head, and you made me forget. All this time†¦both of you have known and never told me.† â€Å"We wanted to protect you,† he said. â€Å"And what then? Did you think I’d never find out?† The heat rose in my voice again. â€Å"I had to hear it from gentry. I would have rather heard it from you.† My mother closed her eyes, and one tear trailed down her cheek. Roland regarded me calmly. â€Å"In hindsight, yes, that would have been better. But we never thought it would actually come out.† â€Å"It’s out,† I said bitterly. â€Å"Everyone knows it. And now everyone wants a piece of this prophecy – and of me.† â€Å"What prophecy?† I told them. When I finished, my mother sat down and buried her face in her hands, crying softly. I could hear her murmuring, â€Å"It’ll happen to her. It’ll happen to her too.† Roland rested a hand on her shoulder. â€Å"Don’t put much stock in gentry prophecies. They come out with a new one every day.† â€Å"Doesn’t matter, if they believe it. They’re still going to come after me.† â€Å"You should stay with us. I’ll help protect you.† I stood up, glancing at my mother. No way would I expose her to more gentry. â€Å"No. This is my problem. Besides, don’t take this too badly† – I felt myself start to choke up – â€Å"but I don’t really want to see you guys for a while. I guess you meant well, but†¦I need to†¦I don’t know. I need to think.† â€Å"Eugenie – † I saw raw pain on his face. My mom’s sobs grew louder. I stood up, averting my eyes from both of them. Suddenly, I couldn’t stay here anymore. â€Å"I’ve got to go.† Roland was still calling after me when I practically ran out of the house. But I needed to get away, or I’d say something stupid. I didn’t want to hurt them, even though I probably had. But they’d hurt me too, and we all needed to deal with that. While opening my car door, I looked up and saw a red fox watching me from the same spot as last time. I strode toward him, close but not too close. â€Å"Go away!† I shouted. He stared at me, unmoving. â€Å"I mean it. I’m not speaking to you. You’re as bad as the rest of them.† He lay down, resting his chin on crossed paws while he continued to regard me solemnly. â€Å"I don’t care how cute you are, okay? I’m through with you.† A woman working in her yard next door gave me an uneasy look. I turned my back on the fox, got in the car, and drove home. Yet, as I did, I couldn’t help but feel relieved Kiyo had survived. I honestly hadn’t known if he would. Strong and vicious he might be, but Aeson had been slinging fire at him. The question was, had Kiyo merely escaped? Or had he managed to kill the king? What had happened to Jasmine? Tim still wasn’t back when I got home. I decided then I didn’t want to leave my house that day or make any pretense of productivity. I wanted to hit the sauna, put on pajamas, and then watch bad TV while eating Milky Ways. It seemed like a pretty solid plan, and I set out to make it happen. Twenty minutes later, I sat immersed in hot steam, draped in humidity. Heat was great for loosening muscles, although that only made me realize how much I’d hurt them. At least I’d made it out alive. That was the real miracle, considering what a disaster last night had turned into. I didn’t want to think much about it or about Mom and Roland, but it was hard not to. Part of me still believed – still hoped – that all of this was a mistake. After all, wasn’t it just everyone’s say-so? Of course, somehow I doubted my parents would make all that up. But really. Where was the DNA test? The photographic evidence? I had nothing tangible. Nothing I could see and believe. Except my own memories. The memories Roland had covered up for me. Hypnotism wasn’t uncommon in our line of work. It was just another state of unconsciousness. Shamans who served as religious leaders and healers used similar techniques on their followers and patients to heal the body and mind. Roland and I, as â€Å"freelance shamans,† didn’t really have much need for it. Our contact with the spirit world often became more physical and direct. But I had done some healings and soul retrievals, so I knew the basics. Leaning my head against the wall, I closed my eyes and thought about the tattoo of Selene on my back. She was my earthly connection, the grounding of my body and soul and mind in this world. I focused on her image and what she represented and then slowly altered my state of mind. Rather than slipping out to another plane, I crossed inward, back into the far reaches of myself and the parts of me buried in my unconscious. It probably didn’t take long, but in that state, it was painstakingly slow. I browsed through pieces of me, both memories and hidden truths alike. All the things that made me Eugenie Markham. I concentrated on lightning, hoping it would snag my attention. Surely a lightning strike couldn’t be buried forever. There. A faint tug. I dove in after it, trying to grasp it and the memory it linked to. It was difficult. The image was slippery, like trying to hold on to a fish. Each time I thought I had it, it wriggled away. Roland had done a good job. Steeling myself, I fought against the layers, clawing and fighting until – I woke up in bed. But it wasn’t the bed in my house. It was a different bed, a smaller bed covered in a pink comforter. The bed of my childhood. I lay in it, staring up at a ceiling covered in plastic stars just like the one I had as an adult. It was the middle of the night, and I couldn’t sleep. I’d been an insomniac then, just as now. This time, however, it was different. Something other than my churning mind was keeping me awake. Somewhere, outside, I could hear a voice calling me. No, not a voice exactly, but it was a pull. A pull I couldn’t shut out. Climbing out of bed, I slipped my feet into dirty sneakers and put a light jacket on over my pajamas. In the hallway, the door to Mom and Roland’s room was closed. I moved past as quietly as possible, down the stairs and then out the door. Outside, the air was still warm. It was high summer. Earlier temperatures had been in the 100s; even now, they had dropped only to the 80s. I walked down the quiet street of our neighborhood, past all the familiar cars and houses. With each step, the call grew louder. I followed, my feet moving on their own. The call led me away from our street, our subdivision, and even the small suburb we lived in. I traveled off of main roads, moving onto trails I’d never known existed. Then, after almost two hours, I stopped. I didn’t know where I was. The desert, obviously, because that and the mountains were all that surrounded Tucson. The foothills were larger than at home, so I must have gone north. Otherwise, there were no distinguishing features. Prickly pears and saguaros spread out around me in quiet watchfulness. Suddenly, I felt the air around me charge. There was a presence with me. A person. I turned and saw a man standing and watching me, far taller than my twelve-year-old self. His features were indistinct; I could not make them out no matter how hard I tried. He was only a dark shape, crackling with power. â€Å"Eugenie†¦Ã¢â‚¬  I took three steps back, but he held his hand out to me. â€Å"Eugenie†¦Ã¢â‚¬  I shook off the thrall that had brought me out here. Desperately, I realized I had to get away as quickly as I could. But I no longer knew the way back. The trails I’d followed were a blur. So, I backed up farther, but he kept coming, beckoning to me. My feet stumbled, and I fell. Still facing him, I tried to get up, but he stood over me now. In his indistinct features, I could make out a crown on his head, glittering silver and purple. â€Å"Come,† he said, extending his arm to help me up. â€Å"It’s time to go.† I was trapped. Helpless and trapped and out of options. I had never felt so desperate in my young life. It terrified me. I decided then and there that if I survived this, I would make sure I could never be helpless again. His hand touched my shoulder, and I screamed. As I did, some part of me reached out beyond my body and grasped the power lying around us – I blinked. Steam swirled around me in the sauna, and I felt lightheaded. I’d been in there too long; it was a wonder I hadn’t passed out. Standing up, I had to grip the wall for support and close my eyes. My heart raced from the vision, the vision that finally convinced me all of this was true. I knew – knew with absolute certainty – that the dark man had been Storm King, my father. I could feel it within me. In my soul. Overcome, I sat back down, needing a few more moments to consider all this and get my bearings. Yet, the longer I sat there, the more I began to despair. Storm King really was my father. And as for the rest of my life†¦well, things were bad. And they were only going to get worse. Every horny gentry wanted to knock me up; the rest probably still wanted to kill me. I’d never have a moment of peace again. Minutes passed as I ruminated on all this, falling deeper and deeper into depression – as well as exhaustion. I felt fatigued, too apathetic to care about any of it now. What was the point? I had snubbed my parents today. I’d let Jasmine Delaney down. I had nothing to look forward to ever again except a life of fighting and running. And really, why should I even bother fighting anymore? Nothing mattered. It was hopeless. I should just cross over to the Otherworld and give myself up. At least it’d stop the agony of – I opened my eyes and sat bolt upright. What was wrong with me? Things were grim, but this†¦this wasn’t natural. I blinked rapidly, trying to gain focus as I took deep breaths. There it was. I could feel it. A thick, unseen darkness wrapping itself around me. It touched me, crawling along my skin. It was trying to drag me down, to suck away all of my energy. All of my hope. Standing up, no longer dizzy, I pulled my robe off its hook and put it on. Slowly, I opened the door of the sauna and stuck my head out. I saw nothing too disconcerting, but that bleak feeling continued to swirl around me. The light almost seemed dimmer, darker than it should be for late afternoon. I squinted, trying to break the illusion, for that’s what it was. Stepping completely out of the sauna, I tried to assess the source. The sauna was in the center of my house. Turn left to go to the kitchen and living room, right toward the bathroom and bedrooms. My weapons were in my bedroom; that was where I wanted to be. But if the thing was in the front of the house, I didn’t want to turn my back on it. At last, I compromised by putting my back up to the hall’s wall and sliding down it toward my bedroom. The distance wasn’t far, but when you had to inch your way there, it felt like miles. Creeping, I passed Tim’s closed bedroom door, grateful he wasn’t here. He knew about my shamanic adventures, but that didn’t mean I wanted him exposed to them. Next came the bathroom. Yeah, the only bathroom. The thing about cute little houses was the â€Å"little† part. I loved everything else about this place, but next time, I’d make sure my house had at least as many bathrooms as occupants. Tim and I had gotten into some nasty rumbles when – A hand reached out for me from within the dark bathroom, but I saw it coming out of my periphery. I ducked and slid across the hall as he lumbered out. A Gray Man. That had been one of my top three culprits for the negativity zone my house had become. Gray Men cast an aura of despair around them, feeding off physical energy and positive feelings. This one was, well, gray, of course. Other than that, he looked more or less human-shaped, with dark eyes and scraggly white hair. He was even dressed, which I took as a plus since other monsters and sometimes elemental gentry often came over in loincloths or nothing at all, depending on their strength. Considering what everyone wanted to do to me, I was pretty happy about keeping genitalia covered up. I tried to scramble toward my bedroom, but his long arm reached out and grabbed me by the hair. I yelled out as he dragged me toward him, pressing me to his body. At least he didn’t say anything suggestive; Gray Men were apparently strong, silent types. But the way he grappled with my robe left little to the imagination about what he wanted to do. Struggling in his strong grasp, I tried to break free but mostly managed to loosen my robe more. Swearing, I decided if I couldn’t get away, then I’d at least delay his amorous actions. My knee jutted up in one hard motion, hitting him in the groin. His hold on me loosened, and he groaned as one hand instinctively reached down between his legs. I broke away from him, still trying to make for my bedroom. Deciding he could ignore the pain, he lunged toward me, just stopping me from getting to my bedroom doorway. Gripping me by both shoulders, he shoved me up against the wall so that I faced it. Using that hard surface as a constraint, he held me with one arm against it while his other finished pulling off the robe. I felt his tongue lick my neck, but the truly disgusting nature of that couldn’t really permeate me. I was in survival mode now. I struggled against him, hoping to make it difficult for him to get his own pants off. Being pinned liked this gave me fewer options for escape. Moving my hands against the wall, I groped around for something – anything – I could use as a weapon. Then my fingers brushed over a small decorative mirror that had been my grandmother’s. It wasn’t very big, but its frame was shaped like a sun – with sharp, pointed metal rays. Not only that, they were silver rays. Grabbing it from the wall, I held it in my left hand, not my dominant hand, but the hand I wore my amethyst ring on. The amethyst could cut through magic and glamour and also focus my own intentions. It wasn’t as good as a wand, but it had to do. Concentrating on the stone, I let my will pour into it. The stone amplified my energy and then sent it into the silver frame. In as fluid a motion as I could manage in my confined state, I swung the mirror back, driving it into any flesh I could find. The Gray Man screamed, and I smelled something burning. He released me, and I turned around, not wasting any time, though I uneasily realized I’d dumped more energy into that silver than I should have been capable of. The mirror had stuck in his side and was smoking. It wouldn’t kill him, but having it lodged in there was pretty serious. He reached out toward it with hesitant fingers, knowing he had to touch it to pull it out. I sprinted to my bedroom. He was only seconds behind me, but it was all I needed to arm myself in my bedroom. He came running in after me, but this time I was on the offensive. I used the silver athame to draw the death symbol on his chest, eliciting a tortured scream from him. Iron was the bane of gentry, but for whatever other reasons, silver hurt anything else Otherworldly. I didn’t know why, but I didn’t question it either. Especially when it had just proven so handy. Hurt or no, he pushed me backward. I landed on my bed, head hitting with a crack against the wall. It slowed me, but I had already started connecting beyond this world. I reached out, touched the world of death, and sent that connection through the wand. It leapt out at the Gray Man, sucking him in. He fought it, thrashing as though physical action might fight the pull. It couldn’t. A moment later, he vanished. Almost immediately, the spell of despair in my house disappeared. It was like emerging from underwater. I could breathe again. I let my body slump and relax. I wanted to lean my head against the wall but knew that wouldn’t feel too good after the hard blow I’d just sustained. A loud sound cracked out from the front of my house, like the door being kicked open. I jerked up, adrenaline going a second round as I heard footsteps pounding down the hall. I was reaching for the gun when a familiar voice yelled, â€Å"Eugenie?† Relaxing – only slightly – I watched as Kiyo burst into my room. How to cite Storm Born Chapter Twelve, Essay examples