Monday, October 21, 2019

Another Match Lit essays

Another Match Lit essays These days the music business is a hard business to go into. Every year hundreds of thousands of hopeful artists are turned down because they simply arent good enough. But NY emo/punk foursome Matchbook Romance are a different story. Once known as The Getaway this emotional-hardcore band were so damn good that Epitaph Records plucked 'em right off the internet. The internet really played and plays a major part of our success as a band, says bassist Ryan Kienle, weeks before the band releases West for Wishing, their debut EP. West For Wishing is a sweet taste of their debut album scheduled for release later this year. "Lets start out by starting over, what did I expect, youre no good at lying and Im no good at comebacks." Lovers The band dates back to 1997, with Ryan Kienle (bassist) and Andrew Jordan (vocalist/guitarist) sitting in their lonesome bedrooms, playing their instruments and writing songs of hope for a better future. After belting out a few tunes, the two decided on starting a band and teamed up with Ryan "Judas" DePaolo (guitar) and Aaron Stern (drums) These four quickly scribbled down a few more emotionally sweat screamo tunes and started playing under the name The Getaway. "We experiment a lot when writing songs. We all work hard on making each note and word of our songs something to remember" Kienle says. "Its the best quality of our band. We bridge the gap, taking the best of pop-punk and emo and making something of our own. After writing their first ever songs the band, armed with instruments and a computer constructed a website and began a relentless word-of-mouth crusade, forming links and mailing emails to local kids about shows. "We were promoting all our shows over punk sites and mailing lists and other bands' guest books and message ...

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