Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Pragmatics of Computer-Mediated Communication Case Study

Pragmatics of Computer-Mediated Communication - Case Study Example As a partner in the exploratory activities at Nabila, my company has tried to do all it can to ensure that our working relationship is not compromised by this financial problem. However, lack of correspondence and cooperation from your firm has left me with no choice but to communicate to you directly. As the VP of PTI, I am solely responsible for this deal and the subsequent amount spent in installing the gas lift system, and so my job could be on the line here. I request that you take this matter into your stride and address it as professionally as possible because my company views this is grossly unethical and would be forced to take measures in case correspondence is not forthcoming. Please note that we are as willing as ever to continue working with you, but we have to do it on clear terms. Currently, the situation inhibits our cooperation and I believe that we could both benefit from clarity on this issue. Having tried, unsuccessfully, to contact Congoil on the abovementioned issue, I am left with no choice but to ask for your assistance on this matter. Congoil has so far indicated an unwillingness to cooperate with my company through correspondence or payment of the money duly owed to us. I believe that you have a good understanding of how things work in this region. I also believe that you have a good understanding of how communication should be conducted in this region. Kindly find it in you to talk to Congoil through Mr Rugeiro or any other Congoil official on how to resolve this matter. I am counting on you as a friend and a professional in the industry, and someone who could possibly understand how Congoil operates. I also have a strong hunch that maybe we are not using the right channels of communication in trying to find a solution to this mess.   I have heard that the culture here is high-context, polychromic, risk and uncertainty averting, and high power distance.     Ã‚  

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