Monday, July 22, 2019

Role as an English Teacher Essay Example for Free

Role as an English Teacher Essay Analyzing Ryan’s love for reading and writing, it can be understood that his literature and reading analysis work in Year 6 and Year 7 was not only non stimulating but also quite below the standard of the works that Ryan could produce on his own with out any help from his teachers and parents. There are several types of activities that are performed during class in order to build the students’ love for literature and allow them to go through several texts, both fictional and non-fictional, in order to build their character and minds. Some of these activities involve RIBIT (Read in Bed, its Terrific) activity, where six categories of books have been formed and the student can choose any book from each category, to read and then fill prescribed activity sheets accordingly. Other activities include Miscue Analysis which involved prior reading and then retelling of the same story, writing, copying and similar other activities to build the students’ reading and writing habits. However, it is quite understandable to note that some students have a better caliber and grasp of reading and literature than others since each student has a different psyche and all activities may not be liked or understood by all students. Some students may be better at following all the activities and performing just as prescribed as they would not like to deviate from the prescribed pattern. On the other hand, other students show more caliber towards being flexible and would like varying and different texts and literature to read and evaluate. Ryan is one such example in this class as he would like to be more flexible in his reading and read different texts and literatures rather than the prescribed ones. There are a few reasons for this deviation. One of the primary reasons for this deviation from the prescribed syllabus is his love for reading as he has been reading and writing for the past few years. Secondly, Ryan has a different mind frame from other students in his class in which case his likes and dislikes in reading are also different. Basically, he would like to read on his own than have a set routine and pattern through which as an English Teacher, I would route his towards reading. Therefore, his readings in class bore him and his mind is distracted. It can be understood as to why his behavior has been shifting from reading and writing towards making more friends and creating distractions in class. His basic aim in Year 6 was to read and write pieces of fiction and non fiction. However, in Year 7, there is hardly any time after completing all homework, for reading and writing that he previously used to enjoy. In this case, his reading and writing got affected and he would get bored by the readings prescribed in the English Syllabus as well, which leaves him distracted and a bit disturbed since his hobby and love for reading and writing is not getting fulfilled. Therefore, in my opinion, he shifted towards creating mischief in class, and began to make more friends amongst his class and school mates, which is the time that he used to spend in brushing up his writing skills in fiction and non-fiction. During class, in both Year 6 and Year 7, writing was a generalized activity which involved few things like Copying, Question/Answer Activities, Fill-in-the-Gap Activities and Labeling. For a person like Ryan, these activities hold little meaning in English Language and Literature since he has been far ahead in his reading and Literature than his friends due to his self-motivation and read and write. In this case, the activities done in class hold less value, and coupled with exceptional amounts of homework given to children in the years, it actually has become distracting for Ryan to actually study and complete any substantial readings of his own. Ryan’s transition from primary to secondary had been a time of difficulty due to the several reasons which are highlighted above, if his and other students’ input had been taken in this regard, to understand and evaluate what they would like to read and study during the year, it would have become far more easier for Ryan, and other students to cope with activities and studies during Year 7.

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