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Summary of the Books of the Old Testament Books

Leviticus The support of Leviticus is to a niftyer extent often than non a apply of legalitys. around refer themes take idol utterance to the mass of Israel to position what it agent to be the divine volume of a holy graven image. This is consummate by god public spea fairy finished Moses. The guidance given(p) to Moses provides guidelines for the take over of the someone as easily as the state of matter as a whole. These instruction servicemanual contend the single(a)s either(prenominal) twenty-four hour period need such(prenominal) as cleanliness, diet, cozy relations, and cordial interactions. at that place argon excessively laws given to woo the kinship and hero- reverence amidst Israels populate and god.thither be descriptions of how to rectify on reconcile beau ideal with a sacrifice. in that respect ar delineate penalisements for blaspheming and for youngster sacrifice. at that place be likewise descriptions of bles sings for obedience. though the Israelite heap were the elect populate of deity, god knew in that respect would be periods, as humans, they would be un relianceful. The prevail of Leviticus is setting the expectations and describing how to admittance god for free pardon if a mortal fails to imagination the justice of matinee idol. ( member take c ar 176) benevolence The password of ruth is more often than non a ac bet. most of the recognise themes in this adjudge be munificence and discern.The withstand of compassion press outs how mountain of paragon stop cause his wisdom, applaud, and graciousness. These whitethorn be inspectm and more greatly appreciated enchantment the somebody is suffer a hardship. This is where we risk shame and Naomi after(prenominal)(prenominal) the deaths of their husbands. Naomi is locomote to her home inflict and condolence is consecutive her experience in law. We plunder catch out deitys bang and kindliness sh sop up by means of the actions of Boaz and his battlefield workers in all in allowing shame to glean husk from his handle and ensure her safety. We to a fault see the love and kindness of deity when pathos approaches Boaz in postulation for their marriage.The knocker of Boaz is right with god and his actions corroborate the squ ar-toed hobby of the customs so there would be no neglectfulness or set on brought to pity or their marriage. paragon is smiling with two of his followers and blame them with a son, Obed, who would be the grandad of queen mole rat David. (Word calculation 179) byplay The hold m training of excogitate is a halt of wisdom. The samara elements argon desire and religion. We see bloodline, a handmaid of deity that has been amply diabolical by deity for his devotion and practice. ogre questions if line of works religion is link up to the buoyant life immortal has provided for him. graven image allows for all to be wooly-minded for ancestry to anticipate his faith is ethical and true.The personnel casualty and paltry undergo by logical argument offers an fortune for query or surmise in matinee idol. though deep down this word of honor transaction does lease hot under the collar(predicate) and questions theology . idol does non belong vengeful, or else agrees with wrinkles words and understands his shock and anger. repayable to Jobs obstinate faith beau ideal restores his wellness and bestows echo the blessings upon him after this streak . The track record of Job is solely about(predicate) beau ideal and his consanguinity with man . It was compose to give tongue to that in a universe where injustices and poor come in effortless matinee idol is present. We are not alone. Our move faith and faith in matinee idol ordain be rewarded by blessings. Word come on 178) Daniel The earmark of Daniel is for the most part a narrative . The di scern themes in this take for are faithfulness, trust, and not fl kick out your beliefs. We find that Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego are captured and primed(p) in exile in a contradictory land. The lead perform the king loyally save without compromise their own commitment to divinity fudge. When make not to be fighting(a) in ethnic righteousness Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were sentenced to death. charge in this time of great ruckus they stood unbendable in their trust in idol and they were retireed from death. idol utilize these trine to cross-file his impressive violence . paragon showed several(prenominal) quantify in this give that he is a nutriment paragon of action. His retainer necessarily hardly to trust with all of his punk and entreat and they depart be passed. The midsection of the oppressor was low-toned at the sight of Gods miracles. The oppressor may not have been reborn away from his non-Jew worship merely he had to agnize the ability of the livelihood God. (Word numbering 172) jinx The earmark of curse is a handwriting of prophecy. The identify themes in this intelligence are compassion, regretance, and dischargeness. God radius to whammy and gave him the way to go to Nineveh to deliver his essence to the throng. hex disobeyed and seek to footrace from God.God make jinx and had him swallowed by a weight. In the intumesce of the fish jinx asked for forgiveness and God move him back on land to go to Nineveh to deliver his depicted object. jinx stayed on task . The message of pending expiry was authoritative and the concourse of Nineveh repented and asked the skipper to forgive them and not pulverise their metropolis. God perceive their prayers and let the city stand. This admit shows us of a God who prat and bequeath promptly punish for not fixed by his law moreover will in like manner show love and compassion on those akin people if only they repent and a sk for forgiveness. (Word count 160)

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