Thursday, September 26, 2019

Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 37

Assignment Example Engineering controls also address toxicological contaminants at the workplace environment through measures such as isolation, design or change processes, local suppression, and ventilation. Isolation advocates for the segregation of hazardous processes and equipment into separate rooms or areas to reduce contamination of the entire workplace. Design or change of processes requires simple considerations or modifications that can significantly improve the conditions of the product, such as packaging or grouping. Local suppression include strategies such as wetting or palletizing of dusty materials, as well as blanketing of toxic liquids, such as using damp mopping in contaminated or dusty areas. Ventilation is very instrumental in controlling airborne hazards, which occur in the form of vapours, fumes, gases, mists, dusts, and fibres (Dever, 2006). Work practices and hygiene practices work as supplementary strategies to engineering controls. As such, they represent on job activities geared at reducing the potential exposure to the toxic substances, such as preventive maintenance of equipment, posting warning signs, as well as labeling hazardous materials. Personal protective devices includes strategies such as wearing protective glasses or goggles, face shields, skin creams, protective clothing such as laboratory coats and gloves, and respirators. This strategy works best on condition that the choice made is the proper type, and there being the provision of an adequate maintenance program for the equipment. A fifth strategy entails undertaking safe practices and emergency provisions. According to Fine & Fos (2012), this includes steps such as leak and chemical spill procedures, which require sweeping solid contaminants into a container, or neutralizing contaminant liquids. It also provides the necessary steps to undertake in waste disposals, as well as the requirements

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