Monday, September 9, 2019

History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 97

History - Essay Example ther end focused on the economy while reforms had to do with the state’s financial systems to provide protection from a repeat of such severe depression. This series of programs changed the role of the federal government in American life. Firstly, the new deal fundamentally redefined the relationship between the federal government and the citizens. The government took the responsibility to care for people unlike in the past. Initially, the federal government was detached from the common man and as such their financial security or propensity was not much their concern. After enactment of the new deal, the federal government financed the public service jobs which solved the problem of unemployment. The new deal created programs that targeted to keep the citizens secure like the FDIC and social security. The federal government became peoples’ prosperity and economic security provider when things would go bad coming to their rescue (Taylor, n.d). Secondly, the role of government towards its citizens was redefined. The new deal made the government take the roles of recovery, relief as well as reform. Roosevelt’s ideologies made the government’s role more expansive unlike was the ordinary. Thus, governments took to intervene on issues that affected the public. The federal government became the source for solution of Americans problems. The reforms that targeted the banking sector and stock market brought about recovery. The federal government protected home mortgages and thus made it recover from the depression (Taylor, n.d). These efforts pioneered by Roosevelt in under the new deal programs set a precedence that was to become the role of the federal government in the lives of the American people. Further, Reliefs initially were provided by charity organizations and local governments. This was redefined by Roosevelt under the new deal programs. The new deal brought federal reliefs to millions of Americans during the recession. Thousands of men were able to be

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